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Educational Links


Crash Course on

         (Topics covered include History and Chemistry)   -- all ages  -- little kids  -- 5 to 10 years of age - podcast  -- all ages podcast on science  -- all ages podcast on science

ALL AGES…/Instructional-Resources-By-Con…


PRE K - ELEMENTARY……/Freddi_Fish_5_The_Case_of…/



K+ - Math worksheets



Homeschooling with Netflix



How To Write A Scientific Paper - Free Course At Coursera

Minute Physics on

The helical model - our solar system is a vortex


Learning & Processing

Learning Ally

Best Schools for Students with a Learning Disability

Foreign Language

(App available in Apple and Google Play stores)


Other Educational Resources

Financial Literacy for Beginners


FUNDING    Micro scholarships earned for high school work applied toward college

Schooling Methods Options


Spirtual Based



Arts & Ideas Sudbury School (MD):

Circle School (PA):

Fair Haven School (MD):

Sudbury Valley School (MA):

The Pursuit of Happiness: The Lives of Sudbury Valley Alumni. 2005. Daniel Greenberg, Mimsy Sadofsky, and Jason Lempka. The Sudbury Valley School Press.




Homeschooling consultants


Education Options, LLC

         Rachel K. Harris, Principle Consultant, 301.740.4353

Life Compass Parnters
         Consultants to help families find the right educational program for 
         their children.


Cognitive Processsing and Dyslexia - Testing, Assistance, Information, Support, and more

D.C. Capital Area Branch of the International Dyselxia Association                                                                                       
Atlantic Seaboard Dyslexia Education Center
Educational Connections

The Siena School in Silver Spring is a school focused on Language-based learning differences.

Smart Kids with LD
University of Maryland Speech and Hearing Clinic, LeFrank Hall College, College Park, MD 301-405-4218




Kimberely Bell, M.S. CCC-SLP, Speech Pathways, Westminster, MD. 800.961.2724

Carole Giunta, Ph.D & Associates, Silver Spring 301.565.0093

Leslie Kessler, Lanauge Experience, 15245 Shady Grove Rd, Rockville, MD 301-208-3210
Bill Stixrud, Ph.D., Silver Spring


    Other Sources

Dr. Martha Denckla, Johns Hopkins neurology and psycho-educational testing.

Tom West writer & researcher on Dyslexia.  In the Mind's Eye presents stories of NASA employees who are dyslexic

Presentation on ADD:

Dyslexie Font


RISE Institute for Literacy

Helping Every Child Be A Successful Reader

Reading Strategies for Parents, Part I

Tutors and Instructors


Frederick Community College Homeschool Enrichment

Tutor Partners



Professor Odeana Kramer



Michelle Palmer  Yunique Music School    301.325.0800



Korean Martial Arts


Soolah Hoops

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